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Aspire Supports is led by its founder and CEO Karl J Venescar. Over the past decade, Karl J served at a leading agency in the Human Services field in various capacities, including Interim Director of Quality Assurance, Interim Nursing Supervisor, Assistant Director of Residential Services, Director of Residential Services and Director of Community-Based Services. A staunch advocate for those served, Karl J made great use of his laboratory-influenced systematic and analytical skills, his unsullied leadership skills and overall versatility to lead the company in its provision of educational, day habilitation and vocational, outreach and public relations services. Since the foundation of Aspire Supports, Karl J’s objective remains to tirelessly project his overall vision and direction for the present and long-term success of all individuals served. Karl J has made it his priority to personally connect with everyone served by Aspire.

Working together to support people with disabilities, support coordiation, support services, direct support,

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